Emerging out of the UK Latin scene, these 9 youthful musicians with roots in Cuban salsa and timba have forged an exciting new sound of their own. Cumbia and caribbean rhythms fuse with cutting edge UK influences of soul, funk and hip hop into the tropical template.
“Young musical revolutionaries who simply ignore convention”
Lubi Jovanovic, international Latin journalist/DJ since 1982

Sirius B
Brazilian jazz-dance maestros now signed to the Freestyle label. Sunny bossanovas, vibrant sambas and fiery batucadas from this west country 6 piece. They have become one of the UK’s most respected Brazilian jazz acts. Formed by vocalist Azhar Saffar and pianist Joe Cavner in the spring of 1998, they have since played worldwide and released four acclaimed albums. They have received DJ support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Snowboy and Truby trio.
web site

Exhilarating nu-latino sounds taking in latin funk, boogaloo, salsa and descarga. They have headlined Camden’s Jazz Café on the “Messin’ Around” clubnight, and feature Colombian vocalist Martha Acosta who is joined by the finest latin musicians in London. Also now signed to the Freestyle label, their debut LP “Tremendo Boogaloo” received rave reviews from Time Out, Modern Soul and R ‘n’ B and Fact magazine amongst others. Since their formation in 2001, they have gained a reputation for creating a full-on party mood at festivals and gigs around the world. web site  myspace

Baila la Cumbia
One of the UK's top exponent of the cumbia – the native music of Colombia's Caribbean coast. Cumbia music was originally a cultural fusion of native Colombians, African slaves and the colonial Spanish. Baila la Cumbia are a horn and percussion-heavy 10 piece playing the "big band cumbia" sound of the mid 20th century. They also lace their sound with some fiery salsa numbers.

Brighton-based Sonpikkante are proving to be one of the hottest Latin outfits in the South-East. They are thrilling audiences with big band style cumbia, spicy classic salsa rhythms, vallenato and traditional rhythms from Cuba and other Latin American regions. The 7 piece band feature members from Brighton's legendary band Pillito Boogaloo.

Gypsy Butter
An exciting new London-based world fusion act playing a mix of flamenco, Latin jazz and some gypsy jazz. With upbeat and contagious rhythms, they have drawn in crowds wherever they have performed. With an 8 piece line-up, a Gypsy Butter gig is full of driving guitar riffs, powerful sax solos complemented by accordion, big basslines and whimsical bi-lingual vocals that speak of romance in the city and love spurned.

Camo Clave
Brand new "elctro-tropical" 7 piece formed in 2016 after hearing DJs spinning remixes of classic cumbia and salsa tunes. They set about transforming these sounds live – transporting Latin rhythms into the 21st century with synths and effects alongside horns, percussion and lead female vocals

Voodoo Love Orchestra
Pan Atlantic brass band that hark back to the big band sound of 1960s Latin America via the backstreets of New Orleans. The infectious, maverick and irresistibly swinging music of the 12-strong ensemble take their audience on a euphoric ride through Colombian cumbia, Cuban comparsa, New Orleans jazz, mississippi blues, Nigerian Afrobeat, Ghanaian highlife and Jamaican ska.

Jardares Por Fuera
Pushing the boundaries of flamenco beyond anything expected by enriching it with rumba, reggae and swing. Scintillating guitar-led melodies, high energy cajon, big basslines and deep female vocals in their own compositions and some reinvented classics.

DeLatin Sound
This band performs a range of original Latin music with Cuban and Brazilian influences. A fusion of funky beats, soulful vocals, jazzy keys and horns to keep any dance floor fired up for the night. Their style takes in a mixture of Cuban salsa, rumba, funk and samba sounds.

They are an international project with years of experience with band members who have played with Latin jazz giants, ‘Snowboy and the Latin section,’ and legendary Havana rumba band, ‘Clave y Guaguanco.’
They have a successful weekely residency at London's world famous Floridita in Soho and have also played at high profile venues such as Ronnie Scott's and The Jazz Café.

“Uplifting concoction of tropical sounds, brilliant musicians and classy vocals.” (Dom Servini, WAH WAH 45s
“A mindblowing party blend, just what the UK has been missing.” (DJ Cal Jader, Movimientos/Heads High Music)
web site myspace

Guillermo Rozenthuler and Rioplatenses
Tango, bossa, milonga, samba, huayno, lando, baiao, candombe. Other than tango, these musical styles from Argentina are not well known in the rest of the world. Rioplatenses aim to bring this music across different geographical and social backgrounds. Their repertoire consists of originals and re-arranged traditional songs, combining elements of jazz improvisation with folkloric roots. Highlights for the band include an appearance at Womad festival. Guillermo Rozenthuler is involved in a number of projects, including being the lead vocalist with Gillad Atzmon’s Orient house ensemble who have been winners at the BBC jazz awards. web site  myspace

Lokkhi Terra
A unique fusionary experience. Lokkhi Terra take traditional Bangladeshi folk music and reinterpret it through an Latin-funk context! Led by pianist Kishon Khan (Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura/Hugh Masekela), the 11-strong line up also includes trombonist Justin Thurgur (Bellowhead/Dele Sosimi) and Percussionist Oreste Noda (Ska Cubano).
“Beautiful, powerful, spectacular stuff”
Songlines Magazine

Blue Black Jazz Experience
Formed by master percussionist Felix of Sirius b, the band play experimental latin jazz classics. Felix has played with the likes of Gilberto Gil and Milton Nascimento. The band also feature pianist Edgar Macias and other band members who have played alongside The Wailers, Peter Gabriel, Giovanni Hidalgo and Martinho Da-Vila.

Fernando's Kitchen
A flamenco fusion act based in London, they have a line of Spanish guitar, oud, trumpet, double bass, congas and cajon. They mix flamenco with a variety of latin styles and North African sounds. This young multi-cultural band, with musicians from Morocco, Spain, South Africa and the UK, are turning heads everywhere, and create a sound that is easily enjoyed and understood by any audience irrespective of age or ethnicity. website myspace

Sol Samba
Oxford’s renowned community samba band. On the occasion they have played at Bossaphonik they played a Cuban based set and were joined by a vocal trio. web site

Los Cerebros
Salsa grooves and Afro-Cuban party jazz from this 10 piece. Several of the band’s musicians have been trained by Cuban masters in Havana. Respectful of Cuban folk heritage but also updated for a contemporary sound.

Mariana Magnavita Band
One of the earliest local bands to feature which made Bossaphonik a hit with local crowds. Originally a trio, then grew up to a 6 piece playing all things 60’s/70’s Brazil – bossa nova, samba, latin jazz – musica populare Brazil. myspace

Los Chinches

A project released on Far Out recordings featuring Nina Miranda and Chris Franck, who were involved in two of the biggest selling and critically acclaimed Brazilian-influenced acts of the last decade – Smoke City and Da Lata. A mix of funk, rock and roll, pop and samba combines in the Zeep sound. myspace

Maracatu Estrela do Norte
10 piece pure percussion ensemble. Maracatu music was born of African slaves in north east Brazil and shares a common parentage with samba. Extreme syncopation, funky grooves and for their Bossaphonik gig they were joined by vocals, sax and accordion. website myspace

A flamenco trio featuring Bossaphonik creator Gil Karpas on darabuka. Outstanding jazz saxophone and flamenco fusion, the sound of North Africa, southern Europe and the middle east.


Yaaba Funk
A celebration of 1970’s Ghanean and Nigerian Hi Life and Afrobeat. This south London 11 piec e band have attracted the attention of some of London’s great Afrobeat musicians including trumpeter Robin Hopcraft of the Soothsayers who regularly features with them. Alongside a wealth of fantastic original material, the band cover classics of 70’s Ghana such as “Bukom Mashie” by Oscar Sulley and tracks by K. Frimpong.
myspace website

Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra
A highly exciting act for us to host, due to us at Bossaphonik being huge Fela fans, Dele Sosimi was Fela Kuti’s rhythm keyboardist between 1979 and 1986. He played and toured extensively with Fela’s band at the time, The Egypt 80, and even lived in Fela’s commune “The Kalakuta Republic.” In 1986 Dele left the band to form a new band with Fela’s son, Femi Kuti, “The Positive Force.” Dele was in the role of bandleader and arranger for this band. Three albums were released before 1995 when Dele moved to London and formed his own afrobeat ochestra. Although the full orchestra is a 15 piece, most of Dele’s gigs are played with an 8 piece as was the case for the Bossaphonik 6th anniversary in Oct 2010. Classic heavy afrobeat was on the menu, including originals by Dele as well as many Fela covers such as Zombie, Colonial Mentality, Sorrow Tears and Blood and Water No Get Enemy in their 2 hour set. myspace website

Dele Sosimi - “Sorrow, Tears and Blood”

Dele Sosimi - “Zombie”

Since arriving in the UK from Cameroon in 2001, Alphonse Daudet Touna has been working solidly on a musical outlet, and Helele is the result. He plays a self-built Balafon (African Marimba) and is joined by some of Bristol’s finest jazz musicians who elevate crowds with their rich and groovy afro-jazz. website

Krar Collective
Funked-up Ethiopian roots – a contempoarary take on the colourful traditional music of Ehtiopia based on other-worldly musical modes and drivne by hyponotic rhythms. Led by Tamesgen Zeleke, a former student of Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke, his krar lyre is electrified and turned into an ancient, gritty electric guitar, accompanied by traditiona kebero drums and stunning vocals. The band have been dubbed “ The white stripes of Ethiopia” and for their Nov ’14 gig at Bossaphonik they were beefed up by a horn section.

Mulele Matondo Afrika
Conscious roots music from the Congo, Mulele and his 10 piece orchestra are inspired by the traditional sounds and rhythms of the "twa" pygmies from the region. Large 5 part vocal harmonies sit alongside hypnotic guitars bringing the sound of the sanza with jazz riffs. Drums and percussion exude grooving polyrhythms.

Nii Okai Tagoe
Nii is a composer, master percussionist, balafon player and choreographer from Accra, Ghana. He is lead vocalist with global Afro-fusion-pop sensation Osibisa and percussionist with Afro-Celtic band Baka Beyond. His recently released 2nd solo LP "West To West" features contributions from band members with Jamiroquai, Roy Ayres, Amy Winehouse, George Harrison and UB40. His show at Bossaphonik at the Bullingdon featured a 9 piece orchestra playing Afrofunk, Afrobeat, highlife and reggae and included material from another of Nii's projects, Konkoma.

Black Flower
Belgium-based Black Flower have reinvented the sounds of the golden age of Ethiopia of the late 1960s/early 70s. Inspired by the father of Ethiojazz, Mulatu Astatke, they add a psychedelic funk sound to his aesthetic. At times heavy and trippy, at others intricate and subtle. The result is an exotic, ecstatic party.

Ozi Ozaa
Weaving together the heritage of Ghanaian popular music of the last 50 year- highlife, Afrobeat and Ghanaian folk songs. 8 piece Ozi Ozaa have a super-uplifting sound coming from a multi-cultural line up of musicians from Ghana, Nigeria, Israel, Spain, Italy and the UK.

K.O.G. And The Zongo Brigade
A whirlwind of energy and one of the most exhilarating acts ever to have graced the Bossaphonik stage, the band play West African grooves via Sheffield with hip hop attitude! Led by Kweku Sackey on vocals and steel pan, the Afro-fusion 9 piece play explosive Afro-soul, hip hop, Afro-funk and reggae.

The Fontanelles
10 piece band playing Afrobeat laced with Ethiojazz and funk influences, originally formed to be the onstage band for the London run of the "FELA" musical at the National Theatre. They instinctively continued playing together afterwards writing original material, such was the strength of their collective musical chemistry.

Me And My Friends
A unique sound the band have termed "sun drenched, soulful Afro-folk.," brought through an unusual line up of cello and clarinet backed by a hip-shaking rhythm section. Towering vocal harmonies and West African fingerstyle guitar sit inside the band's reinvention of vintage influences such as highlife, Afrobeat, roots reggae and delta blues.

Afrospot Allstars
This band are all about the joyous West African sounds of highlife music – the first indigenous music of the region to incorporate Western instruments and popular since the turn of the 20t century. Led by the charismatic Kodjovi Kush from Togo – a now London based African music promoter extraordinaire – guitars shine, horns sing, percussion blazes in a true band of all-stars.

Fellowship of Groove
A collective of supremely talented musicians from the Isle of Wight are brought together by their love of big-band Afrobeat and Afrojazz. The massive 13 piece exude delightfully inventive horn lines, classic Afro rhythm guitars, 3 part percussion section- all brought into new territory by lacing their sound with rapping and turntabalist scratches.

Sa Mon Di
A journey into Afro-dance: hi life, afrobeat, jazz, afro-cuban, funk and reggae in a unique fusion. Led by Kofi Dako, one of Africa’s top bamboo flute players, he is an accomplished singer, songwriter, arranger, composer and guitarist. Members of Sa Mon Di have played with many greats such as James Brown, Ernest Ranglin, The Wailers, Hugh Masekela, Chaka Khan and Jamiroquai.  website  myspace

“High energy sunshine music to make people happy!” This is how the band sum up their music, and also “Afro-Carribean-fusion-groove.” This Bristol-based 8 piece draws on many styles such as afrobeat, soukous, highlife, reggae, zouk, salsa, funk, rock, blues - all this is in there somewhere! myspace

Amunguni (formerly Root 4mz)
Featuring ex-members of African vocal choir Black Umfolosi, Amunguni are an experimental act blending silky African vocal harmonies with their own blend of afro-hiphop. The traditional truly fused with the modern.

Nubiyan Twist
Dub, afrobeat and hip hop from a youthful 12 piece collective, fusing these styles with soundsystem culture and some jazz improvisation. A 5 part horn section sits alongside turntablist scratces, dub fx and a kickin rhythm section. Key influences come from King Tubby, Herbie Hancock, Fela Kuti and J Dilla.

Congo dia Ntotila
One of the UK's most enthralling Afo-fusion dance bands. Punching out the favourite rhythms of central Africa's dancefloors – rhumba, zouk, sakade. The band also bring subtle personal influences from jazz and Latin music. 3 part vocal harmonies, horn section and blistering rhythms have moved crowds to excessive dancing everywhere they play.

Makhou N’Diaye born in Dakar, Senegal is lead singer and songwriter of Afro-Tema. Since relocating to the UK he has met and gathered the musicians in the current band to produce a sound which is difficult to compartmentalize – driving afrofunk interspersed with languid reggae, hot afro-latin and hi-life give way to the high energy sound of Senegalese “mbalax.” Warm spirited, infectious and highly danceable. website

Kalakuta Millionaires
A massive 12 piece Brighton-based afro-latin-funk collective who fuse a raw mix of Fela Kuti-inspired brass lines, 3 part latin percussion section, afro-psych organ and James Brown-style funk riffs.
In their own words, sounds like “tropical cuban afro-beat, drum break, percussive harmonic jazz psychedelic soul funk grooves”  Yes please!

London Afrobeat Collective
Finally London has its own afrobeat orchestra! Formed just last year in 2008,we were lucky to host this monster 12 – piece collective so early in their gigging life, and also to fit them on our stage! Fronted by Inemo Samiama who is a well known afrobeat artist in his own right, it was a joy to hear Fela classics ‘opposite people’ and ‘water no get enemy’ pumping from the Bossaphonik stage with a 4 piece horn section and 3 percussionists! website

From the US, originally formed as a traditional afrobeat orchestra, their sound has now become spikier with the classic Fela Kuti polyrhythms being blended with a hard funk sound of James Brown. Ray Lugo, band leader states he is trying to explore the musical dialogue that took place across the Atlantic during the golden age of Nigerian afrobeat and US funk. The New York Times describes them as “the sound of Fela Kuti meeting The Clash at a late 70’s hip hop jam in Spanish Harlem.” website myspace

A combination of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, The Congo, Dominica and Ireland, the band feature musical collaborations that are unlikely to be heard anywhere else. Within it can be heard reggae, calypso, hi-life and soca. website

Jali Fily Cossokho
Locally based kora player, vocalist and composer, Fily hails from Southern Senegal and is a Mandican griot. These professional hereditary musicians once advised and entertained kings and emporors of Mali in a 4000 year history. He has featured at Bossaphonik with a 5 piece band bringing funky ‘mbalax’ Afro grooves creating pure dancefloor happiness.

A blend of afrobeat with the sonic adventerousness of dub reggae and urban jazz. Frequently setting dancefloors alight with their afro-dub sounds including the London Jazz Café. Recent collaborations include Faithless star Maxi Jazz, Zimbabwean soul princess Netsayi Chigwendere, Kora player Mosi Kondi and reggae singer Rikki Ranking who is currently on tour with Roots Manuva. website myspace

This act play an extremely inventive blend of afro-jazz, creating grooves in time signatures and cycles of various lengths, resulting in a joyous polyrhythmic stew. They take influence from, and echo the sounds of afrobeat, Ethiopian funk and east European harmonies.
French bandleader, Thibaut Remy states that he began by taking elements of afrobeat but with an unusual groove and then teamed up with some of London’s fierce players on the jazz scene who have played with the likes of Jamie Cullum, Madness and Dub Colossus. This is topped off by Badia’a Bouhrizi of Tunisia adding rootsy vocal spice to create a sound that has worldwide influences, cooked their own way for everyone’s enjoyment. myspace

Afla Sackey and Afrik Bawantu
A 10 piece afro-funk collective led by Afla Sackey, a renowned Ghanaian master drummer since childhood. He has played in a multitude of African drum and dance troupes, and in the Afrik Bawantu band, he feels he is expressing his musical dreams. The line up includes a talented 4 part horn section and a vibrant 3 part drum/percussion section. Playing primarily an afro-funk sound characterised by the deep baritone sax, they also fuse hilife, jazz and traditional African rhythms into their sound. Due to his rich experience, Afla’s djembe playing is blistering and the band’s sound has taken London’s venues by storm. myspace

Kasai Masai
This band bring the ancestral sounds of the most remote Congolese equatorial regions and fuse them with a contemporary London twist. This music has been passed down from generation to generation and is rooted in the healing power of the Congolese folk guitar with percussion and vocal chanting. Their set becomes complete when they take on board a wide range of contemporary influences from rumba, highlife, soukous and afrojazz. Led by the well known Nickens Nkoso, he has worked with international Congolese artists such as Kanda Bongoman and Papa Wemba. myspace   website


The Turbans
Travelling world folk legends who have built their reputation playing Balkan, klezmer, celtic and Middle Eastern classics and originals. Made up of virtuoso musicians hailing from Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Italy and the UK.

The Destroyers
15 piece hypnotic Balkan big band! These recovering escapees of the Birmingham conservatoire of music play high energy East European folk music and gypsy madness. Banks of brass, fiddles, accordion, hurdy gurdy and much more just about squeeze on to the stage for some chaotic good time fun! website myspace

Described as “Britain's best klezmer and Balkan music band” and nominated for ‘best band’ award by Songlines Magazine 2012. The 7 piece London band perform lively songs, folk tunes and wedding dances from practically every East European country!

The Baghdaddies
Balkan legends of Tyneside were on a 20th anniversary tour when they headlined Bossaphonik's 12th anniversary night.Their sound is an exuberant and exhilarating cocktail of Balkan melodies, ska and Latin grooves with sizzling horns, all played with furious energy and theatrical humour.

Ushti Baba
Riotous Gypsy folk and Celtic folk fuelled by live beatbox, Ushti Baba deliver original and traditional travelling songs with exuberance and penache. Accordion, guitar, banjo and darbouka create a heavy rhythm section, trumpet and violin soar overhead, while double bass and cello flesh out the lower end in what the band have coined their "turbo folkstep!"

Gypsy Hill
An 8 piece beast , Gypsy Hill play an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf-rock, ska and swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, they effortlessly blend the traditional with the modern. They have taken this project from the studio to the stage, have remixed the likes of Balkan Beat Box and were included on a Ninja Tune compilation alongside electronic music royalty of Coldcut and Bonobo.

Faith i Branko
Local Oxford accordion talent Faith with husband Branko who is one of the highest rated Serbian Roma violinists in Europe. They currently play in a 5 piece band of virtuosic spirited Gypsy rhumbas, fiery "kolos," joyous swing and passionate jazz improvisation.

Duajska Kapelye
Equally at home in a concert setting or rocking a dancefloor, the 6 piece band are led by Polish violinist Piotr Jordan ooze virtuosity whether they take to Django-style gypsy jazz, Jewish klezmer, tango or Balkan folk. In their words it “sounds like your own heartstrings being played – that is if you have a gypsy heart with some jazz in your soul.”

Highly danceable ‘power-klezmer’ - reinterpreting traditional East European Jewish klezmer music in a truly modern way. With rhythmic influences from hip hop, dub and Balkan beats hitting you at times with ludicrous speed, this band sends their audience into a stratosphere party induced by drums, percussion, electric bass, acoustic guitar, clarinet and violin

Madness of King George
Brought together by a shared passion for East European music, cheap vodka and hats, their upbeat cabaret klezmer is driven along by irresistible ska, latin and reggae beats. Playing original compositions and traditional arrangements, this boisterous bunch always guarantee to unleash your inner dervish. myspace

Chancery Blame and the Gadjo Club
Serving up a potent cocktail of gypsy sounds borrowed, blagged and muddled with a twist of klezmer and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll. They defy their audiences to sit still with their mix of furious fiddle, infectious clarinet, accordion, horns, double bass, guitar and drums.
“Fast rising stars of the nu-gypsy folk and beats scene.”
(The Independent) myspace

Alejandro Toledo and the
Magic Tombolinos

A young sextet of travelling musicians form Argentina, France Greece, Portugal, Slovalia and Italy, this band of virtuosos bring their collective backgrounds to create a celebratory sound of no fixed regional background.
Lead by Alejandro Toledo, a PHD student in Roma/Gipsy saxophone performance, this band blesses their audiences with unbelievable energy which has prompted Songlines and fRoots magazines to write rave reviews.
Diktio Radio in Greece stated “These guys are creating the ethnic sound of the future” myspace   web site

Orkestra Del Sol
This is one seriously amazing band. As The Scotsman puts it, “...Their genuis is the way they hide serious muscianship inside tongue-in-cheek humour, it's a winning combination”
They couldn't have put it better. The 9-piece consisting of six horns, two drummers and an accordion, are probably the best known and most loved UK Balkan influenced bands. A very contemporary blend of hard hitting dancefloor beats, with the melodies of klezmer, polka, waltzes and calypso in their self-styled and fully original spound of honk-step. website myspace

Orkestra del Sol - ‘T.L.A.’ from album ‘Lung Capacity

Festival favorites from everywhere from the Scottish Islands to the south of Italy due to their innovative and energetic shows. Their five members (drums, double bass, guitar, flute/tabla and fiddle) play a joyful mish mash of klezmer, gypsy jazz, celtic folk, and some North African and Indian flavoured grooves. “Here's fun music that also makes for great listening…if you can stop yourself from dancing! Brilliant! (Wheaton Aston Festival)
“Innovative and energetic, quality musicianship, vibrancy and sheer joy.” (Folk & Roots)
website myspace

Sheelanagig - “Nestor's Spyglass


Jazz-infused Middle Eastern and North African grooves, formed by cellist Shirley Smart upon returning from 10 years living in Jerusalem. Seamlessly blending the traditional repertoire of Arabian heady rhythms. North African rai, exotic Middle Eastern and Turkish melodies through a virtuosic 7 piece comprised of drums, double bass, guitar, cello, oud, trumpet and sax.

Daphna Sadeh and the Voyagers
Daphna Sadeh is an Israeli double bass player and composer living in London. Her band, The Voyagers, produce a distinctive style of music that crosses cultural and geographic boundaries. Mediterranean Sephardic with East European Ashkenazi, Arabic with Jewish, and all spiced up with the Klezmer groove – which makes for a truly exciting sound! She states that one of her main musical aims is to create a way of dialogue between cultures in conflict. website myspace

Le Cod Afrique
A unique mix of French and Arabic melodies blended with ancient rhythms and modern urban beats. Their line up includes a driving force of hurdy gurdy , didgeridoo, Arabic dance and a rhythm section of traditional and modern sounds. website


Riot Jazz
Manchester's brass titans play a twisted mix of funk, soul, hip hop and aggressive jazz. Captained by trumpet maestro Nick Walters and fronted by MC Chunky, they have rocked festivals all over Europe. One of the best of the many young brass bands coming out of the UK at the moment.


Brassroots are a full 8-piece brass and percussion ensemble, the first of their kind to play at Bossaphonik. They bring unbelievable energy and an instrumental sound back into funk, reggae, jazz and pop, presenting largely mainstream covers back in a new and challenging format. They bring a fresh appeal to what is sadly an underrated genre. From the USA, Jerome Harper, bandleader and trombone player is a great front man. The band also feature musicians from Greece, Israel and the UK. myspace

The Souljazz Orchestra
Since their creation in Ottowa, Canada in 2002, The Souljazz Orchestra have become one of the most potent bands in their field. Drawing on the rough raw grooves of the 1960’s and 70’s, they effortlessly fuse jazz, soul, afro and latin rhythms. Most well known for creating some of the best post-Fela afrobeat, their breakthrough single “Mista President” became a major fixture with jazz-dance DJs and was voted in the top 10 tracks of the year in Gilles Peterson’s radio 1 Worldwide show. They have turned heads with 4 fantastic albums on the Do Right! and Strut labels. myspace website

Dave Betts Sextet
Drummer/percussionist/band leader, Dave Bett's compositions span the worlds of dancefloor jazz, funk and Latin music. He simultaneously plays multiple percussion parts on drum kit, bongos, clave and timbales for some seriously infectious multi-layered grooves.
"Spirited, compelling and original" Jazzwise Magazine

Jenova Collective
This live electro-swing 7 piece band based in Leeds have been ripping up festival stages in the UK and beyond. With an exuberant delivery fronted by vocalist Lily Moharerr and backed by live sax, guitar, drums, samples and more – a live treat for all fans of the 21st century swing sound.

The Carny Villains
A raucous circus show band playing stomping swing and ska have an engaging, emotive sound delivered by clarinet, trumpet, violin, guitars, drums and double bass. Lyrics on their second LP "Why am I here" are full of amusing tales of prison breaks, cricket and pornography, 1960s marriage values, religious ponderings and voodoo magic!

A quartet of baritone and alto sax, trumpet and drums playing original tunes that blend evocative harmonies and intricate rhythms. Deep experimental grooves for the feet.

Inc. A
This Cardiff based 7 piece, consisting a scorching string and brass section, started life in 2006 performing live film scores in cinemas. Their new manifesto is to transfix and move their audience with mashed-up elements of jazz, East European folk, Arabic and film music, set to live hip hop, breakbeat and drum ’n’ bass rhythms.

Resolution 88
Hard-hitting Fender Rhodes piano driven raw jazz-funk band led by Tom O'Grady who takes major influence from Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters. He has shared stages wit the likes of Don Blackman and Claire Fischer. This is passionate, soulful and skilful all original 70s style groove music.

Resolution 88 - “Doin’ it”

An innovative 8 piece that combine elements of soul, jazz, dubstep, drum n bass and hip hop with a phat 4 part horn section full of wonderfully luscious harmonies.Add in sublime jazzy female vocals and you have the new sound of their “Midlands soul.”

Describing themselves as “funky jazz for the 21st century” – MOTIV work on the edge of the contemporary jazz scene, mixing improvisation with a modern big beat sound. Creating angular harmonies over break beats and funky drum ‘n’ bass, with MC Cheshire Cat’s lyrical dexterity. website

Smerins Anti-Social Club
The south-west’s huge brass heavy supergroup intoxicating all before them with their brew of funk, ska, jazz, dub and drum ’n’ bass. Always a firm favourite with the Bossaphonik crowd after numerous appearances. A thrilling 9 –piece with an awesome 4 part horn section! website myspace

The Apples
The Apples take their grooves to a place many funksters don's go. This full sounding 8 piece features a 4 part horn section, double bass, drums and is augmented by 2 scratch DJ's. Their highly creative take on jazz-funk has seen them collaborate with the James Brown trombonist Fred Wesley on their most recent 4th album, ‘Kings.’ The Apples hail from Tel Aviv, Israel, a country more known for the exports of the Jaffa orange, but increasingly popular group The Apples are a sweet treat to be eaten up on the dancefloor. website myspace

Soulful jazz-funk with an African tinge from Tee Nyoni and his band. Gilles Peterson claimed they were ‘the ones to watch’ on his BBC radio 1 show, Worldwide. Also featured on radio 3 programme, Late Junction and radio 2 programme, Soul Solutions. Since their appearance at Bossaphonik the band have extended their African influences to become a more afro-funk centred act. Their 2006 release ‘Mind is a rebel’ is released on Cargo records. website myspace

Dee Nyoni
Sister of Tee Nyoni, Dee Nyoni’s songs pay a tribute to classic soul, a deep groove with a chic ghetto style and a fusion of RnB. An urban flava with gospel roots rules her undeniably funky sound. Dee Nyoni has supplied support for acid jazz giants The James Taylor Quartet during their 2005 tour and has also played Ronnie Scotts and The Jazz Café. Dee Nyoni is a backing vocalist in the Thabani band. website myspace

Barcode/The Jack Pescod Trio
Originally a local Oxford act, Barcode brought with them loyal fans that helped make Bossaphonik an early success in its first few months. Prodigious pianist maestro Jack Pescod has been compared by The Guardian to seminal figures Keith Jarrett and Esbjorn Svensson. Over the years Jack has been backed by a range of talented players, but his compositions retain a deep contemporary groove based jazz sound. Whether it be swing, funk, bossanova, reggae, souljazz or soca, the sound is always deep, emotionally uplifting, innovative and danceable. “…sparkling improvisation in melodies bristling with irresistible hooks,” say BBC music magazine. myspace

Have now hit the dizzy heights of stardom due to a signing by the Tru Thoughts label in 2007 and having a major album released under the same name the band use to describe their music: ‘Turntable Soul Music.’ A trio of Katherin deBour (vocals), Ricky Fabulous (guitar), and DJ Modest (decks) – their sound is of jazzy hiphop beats with scratch and textures aplenty with Katherin’s so soulful voice stroking your senses. Influences range from DJ Vadim to Nina Simone to Hendrix, 2007 also saw them support the mighty Fat Freddy’s Drop in an Australian tour and ‘Turntable Soul Music’ becoming the biggest selling debut album in the Tru Thoughts label history. website myspace

Deirdre Cartwright Group
An extremely accomplished guitarist, Deirdre Cartwright is a veteran in contemporary jazz , having been in one of the most successful British jazz groups of the 80’s, the womens group ‘The Guest Stars.’ She has been a bandleader since 1991 and has performed in all the major jazz festivals of the UK, along with others internationally. The Observer describes her as “…a most remarkable musician. Having an apparently effortless command of the myspace

Horndog Brass Band
8-piece Edinburgh-based Horndog Brass Band have a single goal: serious tunes for the feet. They play a tuba-fuelled street funk everywhere, from growling on street corners to howling on main stages. An unusual concept - being a funk brass band, their repertoire is made up of fresh originals written by musical directors, Tom Pickles and Tom Donaldson and is augmented by a small selection of brassed-up covers such as the Grange Hill theme tune. The only way for this pack of musicians is onwards and upwards! myspace

‘Sling Shot’ by Horndog Brass Band:

‘Tough Daddy’:

The Spiralist
An Oxford-based band, formed by Jason King and Hari Teah, The Spiralist are a soul band with compulsive lyrics and vocals provided by miss Teah and the Warmington sisters. Programmed breakbeats give an all-consuming backdrop to cinematic grooves, darkly sweet melodies and some great musicianship from pianist Shannon Harris (Mariana Magnavita Band) and guitarist Mark Revel (The Egg). They are soon to complete their debut LP, ‘Elegant Cuisine.’ website myspace

The Sub Ensemble (formerly Sugar Beats)
An explosion of a jazz band from Birmingham burst onto the scene as ‘Sugar Beats’ in 2003. They came together after bassist Chris Mapp and trumpeter/vocalist Leo Altarelli wanted to form a band that represented their diverse taste as musicians and DJ’s – from Sun Ra and Roy Ayres to Madlib and Bugz in the Attic. Many have commented on the bands broad appeal, their mix of jazz and contemporary broken-beat makes them interesting to listen to and also highly danceable. They have caused a major stir in the jazz-dance scene with rave reviews in Straight No Chaser Magazine, plays from top DJ’s Russ Dewbury, Dom Servini, Mr Scruff, Nik Weston, Rob Luis and others. They have played alongside Gilles Peterson, 4hero and have reworked a 4hero tune that was given a major release and featured on Japanese label Especial’s 10th anniversary release. website

Phat Sessions Collective
Oxford’s own groove collective have hosted countless jam sesions at The Cellar as a great house band. They effortlessly intoxicate the dancefloor with ferocious and funky classic and original hip hop, jazz-funk and reggae.

Natureboy (featuring Alice Russell)
Main man Dave Noble writes beautiful folk, pop, funk and soul music in his garden shed studio in Oxford. He has worked with many notable jazz musicians and in his numerous appearances at Bossaphonik, some which have featured acclaimed soul singer Alice Russell, he has focussed on the groove-based side of his musical personality. Wowing local audiences with tight funk, melodic songwriting, luscious latin, great jazz, even hip hop -an obvious labour of love in songwriting is in evidence. 3 albums of his delicate work have been released and a notable collaboration with Alice Russell on ‘Sweet is the air/Life’ has been released by Tru Thoughts myspace

Confidential Collective
Another Oxford band, this 11-piece have built up quite a following, having stuck together since the early 2000’s. A rare concept in live music – they have refined their sound to become a fully-fledged live drum ’n’ bass band. Featuring, amongst others, two female vocalists, an MC, a 3-part horn section, live scratching and programmed beats, they write some of the most soulful, deep, jazzy drum ’n’ bass heard in the entire scene. Thoroughly deserving wider recognition, highlights for the band include supporting Roni Size and Bugz in the Attic. Complex grooves, proper song structures, jazz harmonies prove that a live drum ’n’ bass sound can thrive. At Bossaphonik appearances, the band have also revived some older material to include jazz-breaks, soul and reggae to keep our eclectic crowd happy! myspace

Heavy jazz funk to hip hop, a little afrobeat and dub reggae from this Bristol based 8-piece. Classic jazz funk from the likes of Jimmy Smith and Gil Scott Heron are covered as well as the bands own material. website myspace

Samsara create a startling new angle on the Jamaican sound – a reggae and ska recipe which also embraces elements of folk, latin, rock, gypsy jazz and psychedelia. The Brighton based 6 piece have been busy rocking most of the significant UK festivals of the last few years with their infectiously positive live shows. They regularly support Pama International, Zion Train and have also supported The Wailers. Their highly original fusionary sound is apparent on their debut album ‘The Great Unravelling.’ website myspace

La Fanfare en Petard
France's finest and wildest brass band hip hop experience. Combining funk and ska into the sound and breaking language barriers by tapping into universal grooves.

Hugely popular, the band’s appeal cannot be defined by one aspect alone, but rather, the sum of its parts: The combination of 3-part horn section and turntable decksterity, infectious heavy dub bass with ska chops, a hip hop backbeat that never fails to get everyone moving and cutting edge lyricism delivered with unwavering tenacity that holds attention til the final encore. With huge energy and great showmanship, the band have been regulars on the Glastonbury jazz-world stage, have supported Ozomatli and recorded three albums. website myspace

Renegade Brass Band
8 horns, 2 percussionists, an MC and scratch DJ, this is Sheffield’s jazz-hip hop phenomena. A raw brass band with a high energy live show, they have appeared on stages all around Europe's festivals.

Extremely sadly, the band are no more having split up in 2007. But luckily for us at Bossaphonik, they did manage to put in two memorable appearances. An almost impossible task to pin down and dissect, a band that truly sound like no other. Ska and hip hop rub shoulders with jazz in strange time signatures that would tie many bands in knots. The silky soul vocals of Jana Hermon alongside cinematic samples and the lyrical prowess of Charlie Miller. “Extremely inventive and truly wornderful live” say The Guardian. myspace

Captive State
Originally an Oxford-based hip hop act with jazz influences. A 9-piece outfit with horn section, percussion and decks, they frequently gigged the Oxford scene and local festivals, such as Truck. Since 2006 however, the band have completely changed creative direction, and relocated to London. Gone is the funky hip hop and in its place a folk, pop, soul sound retaining horns but otherwise moving towards guitar based song structures and a softer approach. They released an EP which was produced by Lemon Jelly’s Nick Franglen. website

King Porter Stomp
A Brighton-based 8 piece with massive horns, heavy bass and deeply socially aware lyrics, they have quickly established themselves as major players on the live circuit since forming in 2006. A 23-date summer 09 tour included shows at Glastonbury, Lamar Tree, Shambala and Ireland’s Electric Picnic festival elevated the reputation of their accessible ska/funk/hip hop fusion. They released their debut album ‘Poison the beat’ in the same year. myspace